The story

1944-1945... Liberation of Italy, Provence, the Alps, the Rhone Valley, Vosges, Alsace was essential to the victory of the allies... and to establish France’s presence among them after the armistice.
This victorious battle to advance on Germany, after much bloodshed and great losses, was the accomplishment of the First French Army, recruited in Africa in order to avoid the control of the German commissioners and the Vichy authorities: 200,000 men, including 130,000 “indigenes” (natives) including 110,000 North Africans, and 20,000 AfricansÉThe rest made up of two thirds “pieds- noirs” (French colonials) and one third young frenchmen who fled the occupation.
The film relates the forgotten story of the soldiers known as “Indigènes” following the epics of four of them: Abdelkader, Saïd, Messaoud and Yassir (le goumier) a mobile corps, reputed for their endurance, ground sense , and courage in close combat. They are sent to the front line.
Each one is in pursuit of a different objective throughout the passage across France which they liberate, arms in hand.

Yassir joined for the booty he expected to collect.

Messaoud was surprised by the welcome from the French. He hopes to marry and live in France, to escape the arpatheid in Algeria.

Saïd wishes to escape poverty in Morocco, and hopes to find a family in the French army.

And Abdelkader who is fighting for liberty and equality, in joining the French army he hopes for France’s recognition, and more justice towards the colonised Algerians once the war is over.